Almost everybody doesn’t understand the Godhead. The Godhead is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
If anybody really wants to try to understand spiritual things it is essential to understand the Godhead.
Recently I watched a video on YouTube where a “Christian” converted to Islam and some of reasons he reportedly did it for. Most of these reasons centered around Jesus and the reason why he could not be God. He has like most people, a mish-mash of wrong perceptions of Jesus and the Godhead. These wrong perceptions are furthered by Christians who have tried to incorporate the three entities of the Godhead into one entity that is separate persons but equal (the Trinity) – God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost).

Note: I don’t want to sound like I am more spiritual/smarter than the multitude of Christian who believe in the Trinity. These teachers would put me to shame on their knowledge of the Bible. Not withstanding that fact I think that this construct (the Trinity) causes those who might actually try to understand the Godhead and particularly Jesus, great difficulty. There are MANY supporting references for the statements following (you have to take my word for it) but rather than turning this post into a book I have tried to give the salient points.

God is a title. When capitalized in the Bible it denotes one or more of the Godhead. The Hebrew word translated as God is usually the plural -Gods.
God the Father existed before EVERYTHING – heaven, the spiritual beings, time, space and the universe.
God the Father created EVERYTHING – heaven, the spiritual beings, time, space and the universe.
God the Father didn’t have a beginning as we may understand it because there was no time to mark a beginning (beyond this point we cannot go).
God the Father is a spirit and has a Holy Spirit and does not have a body because he created even the concept of bodies. A bunch of body parts as we now have just didn’t float together to form God.
The first thing God the Father did was to create an “only begotten” SON who is God the Son (who had and now has a spiritual body) because he inherited the title of GOD from his Father. All the other angels and Satan are sons of God because having created them he was their father but not specifically as a “begotten” son.
God the Father made the creation by and through God the Son. God the Father’s purpose for doing this was to make God the Son his connection to all of God the Father’s creation.
The Holy Spirit is the agency/person (a difficult concept to express) by which God the Father operates.
God the Father SENT God the Son into the world to test and redeem his creation.
The Holy Ghost infused (for a lack of a better word) the spirit of God the Son into Mary so that God the Son could take on flesh and serve as the REDEEMER of the creation. God the Son when he was born was to be called Jesus (Jehoshua).
God the Son was made a man (the son of Adam) so as a man he could be tested and take away the sin that his father according to the flesh, Adam, had brought into the world.
God the Son lived, taught, suffered and was crucified as a MAN.
God the Son took on the sins of the world and God the Father hide his presents from him briefly as he suffered on the cross being a sacrifice to God the Father becoming sin for MAN.
God the Son died and his body laid in the grave for 3 days.
God the Son’s spirit descended in hell and took away Satan’s authority over death and hell (the grave).
God the Father raised God the Son bodily from the dead on the third day being that God the Father accepted God the Son’s sacrifice and God the Father promised God the Son that he would not leave him in hell.
God the Father couldn’t be tested and couldn’t die.
God the Son was made flesh so that he could be tested and DIE.
God the Father has given God the Son ALL power in heaven and earth.
God the Father has given NO OTHER NAME other than the name of Jesus (God the Son) by which to receive eternal life.
God the Father is God Almighty.
God the Son is the Beginning and the End, the head of all principality and power having the preeminence in EVERTHING.

Question to Ponder: Knowing who Jesus is, does this change your thinking any?