Yeah, I finally said it. Evolution is nuts!
I have been challenged on comments that I have posted on youtube. Many have been very (for a better word) nasty as though they SURELY KNOW something that I don’t. The question that presents itself to everyone is how did THIS (life, the universe and everything) happen. Now I have stated many times neither evolution nor creation will ever be proven. The prevailing wisdom is of course that everything just evolved over a huge period of time. Most of us just know what we have been told, mostly by those who only know what they have been told. But THIS is so complex that we will never be able to comprehend it alone prove it.
Note: The reason why evolution will never be proven is because it is WRONG. The reason that creation will never be proven is because God saves us by FAITH and if we can prove he is the creator then faith is no longer needed.

However despite the fact that we can prove very little about THIS, there are things that make sense and those that don’t. The universe is mind boggling. Maybe somehow the universe could of just happened but certainly not in the fashion presently accepted. The present theories contradict almost all of the previously proven and accepted science.

But LIFE. This is where things go really nuts. With ALL of our technology we have NEVER produced the simplest life. A bacterium supposedly is the simplest living thing. It is itself mind boggling complex. It contains an estimated 100,000,000,000,000 atoms. It has a membrane constructed in an elaborate order. It has flagella that are attached to molecular motors that rotate them at 17,000 rpm to allow the bacterium to move. They have all kinds of junk (a biological term) inside them to do “the things that they do”. As Dr. Frankenstein said they are “alive” and we really do not know why or really what makes them alive. They live, eat, reproduce, and in some case cause all kinds of problems. Now that we got those little buggers we supposedly have to make everything else out of them! NOT ON YOUR LIFE! Gram_negative_cell_wall_svg

JUST ADDED: I just came across a video about hearing and balance. It struck me how difficult it is to even try to explain much less follow what is happening in the ear in order for us to hear and have a sense of balance.
It is CRAZY to think that this mind boggling complex system just sort of developed given any amount of time you want to assume. This of course doesn’t take into account how this system is translated into meaningful information by the (brain).

Now let us look at the “human condition”. With evolution life ultimately has no meaning. We can attach any meaning we like to life but in the end we and our life is in the “big picture” meaningless. That defies almost everybody’s sensibilities no matter what we believe otherwise. 14,000,000,000 people have lived signifying nothing? Do we have to come up with absurd theories on life to get us to this nauseating conclusion?

Question to Ponder: Should we give this some serious thought because the ramifications are monumental (I couldn’t come up with a stronger word)?