When I started in college I wanted to be a physicist. However I was told that jobs for physicists were few and far between so I went into engineering instead. It is hard to make a buck no matter what you do but being any sort of physicist is particularly hard. It is a very esoteric type of vocation and there aren’t many companies willing to pay you for it. This of course is also true for many of the academic pursuits. In the academic world there is a saying “publish or die”. This means that in order to get academic “cred” you have to come up with something that publishers deem worthy of at least publishing. Of course it is best if that which is published is accepted by the academic community also. The more the publication is accepted the higher are the rewards which accompany it.
Much of the basic scientific work is done by companies pursuing commercial use. That leaves the rest of the theory guys to hopefully get gigs in government research and those who can’t in teaching institutions (those that cannot do teach).
Now like most groups scientists tend to be “birds of a feather”. Besides their love of science they also have achieved their positions thru extensive peer review. Those scientists who do not support the prevailing scientific wisdom tend to be side tracked if not completely ostracized. Originally many of the great universities were established to promote Christian ideals however they have become totally secularized and are in fact hostile to Christianity.
Today anything even remotely pertaining to God is completely rejected out of hand. Because much of science today is at its observational (experimental) limits many scientist propose strictly conjectural theories and the wilder the better.

The Fermilabs in Bativia Illinois was started in 1967 by the US government to investigate high-energy particle physics. It housed the Tevatron accelerator which was 3.6 miles in circumference and reported identifing the top quark. Having achieved this “great success” the Tevaron was shut down in 2011 and the facility was given to the state of Illinois and its academic institutions (Illinois is or near bankrupt).

The CERN High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (supercollider) was built at the French-Swiss border for a cost of 7 billion euros and went operational in 2008. This machine is huge (17 miles in circumference) and a phenomenal engineering feat. It employed 10,000 to find the Higgs boson a.k.a the God particle. Around 2013 they reported they had found the Higgs boson which completes the quantum Standard Model. Apparently there is some internal conflict as to their findings. The problem they face is that the group wants to show results for the fantastic amount of time and money they have spent and the fact that if they have found the Higgs boson money will dry up and the supercollider may be shut down like the Tevatron.

In stead of spending long nights peering into the heavens or feverishly working in laboratory to come up with experimental proof for their theories some scientist have found that taking their show on the road is the road to fame and fortune. These secular scientific “evangelists” preach to the choir who reject biblical accounts and these pitch-men expound upon things of which they have little or no fundamental knowledge. The more outlandish their stories the more their public eats them up.

Question to Ponder: Do you think that you can come up with a more outlandish story than these guys (after all you do not need to have much to back it up)?