Recently I posted some comments on youtube. They were in response to videos on time dilation and the big bang. I stated that evolution and the big bang are fantasies. Evolution and the big bang are basically attempts to explain life and the universe without acknowledging God.
Now this is not new and is the prevalent thought of most people today. Most (Western countries) people’s skin crawls at the mere mention of God so they grasp at any ideas that would replace God as the creator of life and the universe.
They cling to science to help them put God out of the equation. After all we cannot see God, hear him, smell or taste him so therefore he must not exist. They (we) are to smart to believe in that superstitious baloney. So we make up our own baloney to put aside the God baloney.
When I was a kid many moons ago I used to love going to the NY Museum of Natural History. I saw the exhibits showing the genesis of man from fish to apes to man. It looked great to me. Back then they also explained how the universe was created by one hydrogen atom combining with another hydrogen atom to form a helium atom. It seemed okay to me but I did question where ALL those hydrogen atoms came from in the first place.
On youtube I challenged the thought experiment with a theoretical light clock in a spaceship traveling at speeds approaching the speed of light. I had seen several videos espousing the same principle. I asked one author if he would run the calculation again with the axis of the clock parallel to the direction of travel. He responded that his calculations were not meant as a proof of time dilation but that there were “many experiments” that supported this theory. I asked again if he would rerun his calculation with the parallel clock axis but he refused.
Now this little exchange has little to do with the big bang but it does illustrate that the “scientific community” does not like to have there ideas challenged.
Other responses to my statement that evolution and the big bang were fantasies met with some very strong statements that I was a idiot and that anyone who believes in God is an idiot.
I said that people are free to believe in whatever they want and that most people do not believe in God and that there is less and less of us who do but that in itself does not make us wrong.
Science used to depend on experimental proof but not anymore. Science today is loaded with dogma. If you look thru eyes that do not believe in God then all that they see will be interpreted as there is no God. There is an excellent youtube video not about God but about the current state of science today.
Science to support evolution and the big bang depend on very large time frames for things to happen. Perhaps if you allow a long enough time maybe most “anything” can happen. This of course works for them and against them. Maybe “anything” like life could just happen but they certainly were not around to witness it or can they possibly duplicate it in the lab because it took too darned long in the first place. But they still assume it just happened.
With the big bang cosmologists are coming up with more and more stars all the time. They are up to I think a 100 hundred billion or so. Well this makes it easier to speculate at there “must” be other planets that would sustain life BUT on the other hand it really makes it hard to squeeze all these puppies down to the size of a pea OR worst yet that they were made from nothing, by nothing, for no apparent reason. However that has not stopped them.
There was a Bob Newhart TV episode where as host of his local TV program “Vermont Today” he was having a contest who could bring in the world’s smallest horse. The first contestant brought in an actual small horse. The next contestant brings in a little larger horse. Dick (Bob Newhart) looked and said that it was not a smaller horse. As Dick was about to announce that contestant winner a woman comes in with a basset hound with a saddle on it. Dick tells the woman that that was not a horse but the woman insists that it was. Finally a man brought a large horse because he thought they wanted the oldest horse. The show ends with everybody bickering.
The morale that can be drawn from this little story is that the present explanation for life and the universe is a dog and when they come back with at least a “small horse” then we can talk.

Question to Ponder: Do think that it takes a great scientist to know when you are looking at a dog? Do you think that you have to engage in a rigorous debate to prove your point or is the obvious sufficient?