Below is a biblical timeline. It encompasses 6000 years since creation and God setting his plan in motion (see eternity map). As with the argument launched in #2 The Basics, it is very difficult for any one to grasp what is going on because our frame of reference is SO limited. Each period seems like an eternity with every possible event taking place over and over again.
Too close on the timeline to the point of Adam’s creation to depict, we have the first case of murder with Cain killing Able. Murder and mayhem (as opposed to junehem) ensued ever since. Apparently it got on God’s nerves and just 1656 years after he put man on the face of the Earth he sent a Flood and washed them all away except for Noah, his wife, and his three children and their wives. Now at almost any point God could have completely shut down the show but the hardest part of any plan is to stick with it until completion.
Please take note that Jesus dieing on the cross was the main event in the plan and that happened after 4000 years of working the plan. I have quoted that God is “longsuffering” but this goes beyond almost everyone’s concept of “longsuffering”.
There was a play “Your arms are too short to box with God” (1976) and is just one example where it is true.
Biblically speaking little has happened from the time of Jesus’ death until now as depicted on the timeline. Therefore that has lulled us into thinking that there is no God or perhaps he is dead.

Switchfoot – Gone

each line depicts approximately 2000 years

6000 years is a lot of information to process!

Question to Ponder: Given the information so far does it help you to better understand what is going on?